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frequently asked questions

Do I have to book?

Yes, it is always preferable to book a trek to avoid disappointment. Obviously the more time you book in advance the more chance you have securing the particular day/time you prefer. Please note cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before the day of the trek.

Please have the riders weight, height and riding experience to hand when making a booking.

What time is my ride?

Beach Ride – 10am or 2pm (May and June, evening season – 6:30pm)

Forest Ride – 10am or 2pm

Old Harry Ride – 10am or 2pm (10am only in July & August)

Heathland Ride – 10am, 11:15 or 2pm

Day Ride – 10am or 11am (arranged on booking)


what is your minimum age for rides?

The minimum age for riding is 5 years of age on our heathland rides.

The minimum age for riding is 12 years of age on our forest and beach rides.

The minmum age for riding is 14 years of age on our Old Harry Rocks ride and day rides.

do you have a toilet?

No. However, there is public toilets in the village a short walk from the stables.

If you are in need of the toilet please arrive a little earlier.

What do I have to wear?

A riding hat is essential; Anyone wishing to use their own helmet can do so provided it complies with the current health and safety requirements (BSEN 1384), if it doesn’t then you will need to wear one of our helmets. We can provide you with a riding helmet which complies with the latest health and safety requirements free of charge.

We would always advise riders to ensure they wear full length trousers; boots with a low block heel on, Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions e.g. warm clothing for winter and waterproofs in case of rain. 

For our gentlemen riders it is advisable to wear tight fitting underwear.

how can i purchase gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available to buy through the ‘Gift Voucher‘ page, or over the phone. We will email them to an address of your choosing.

Do children under 18 have to be accompanied by an Adult?

We will need an adult to sign the rider registration form prior to them riding.

I've never ridden before what can I do?

We can only offer the Heathland ride to beginners, there is no roadwork on this ride so it is perfect as a first step. Staff are also able to walk along side for added safety.

how do I pay?

ofWe take a 50% deposit on booking via credit or debit card, the balance is paid on the day of your ride.

Card payment is preferred.

Do you do discounts?

Any discounts or promotions will be sent out in a newsletter, subscribe to stay up-to-date!

Is there a weight limit for your riders?

Yes, our weight limit is 14 stone.

Please note we ask customers to be very honest about their weight for the welfare of our horses. If we suspect that you exceed the weight limit we reserve the right to ask you to be weighed on our scales on site and this could result in you being refused to ride. 

do you have a mounting block?

Yes, we have a solid brick mounting block and a larger one we can move to help with dismounting also.

I've ridden on holiday so can I go on a more advanced trek?

If that is all the riding that you have done then we would advise you to have a few lessons first so that we can see that you can manage the horse and are able to sit and trot safely and correctly. Although our ponies and horses are well behaved, the treks are across open fields so we need to know that you will be safe. We would discuss this with you so that you are clear about what is expected from you on a trek. You may decide that a heathland trek is more appropriate for you, depending upon your experience.

I'm an experienced rider but my friend hasn't ridden much, Can we book a ride?

Yes you can, but please be aware that you will ride at the pace of the slowest and least experienced rider so that the group stays together and to ensure your safety. Your friend will need to be able to trot in order to come on the walk and trot trek.

Is riding dangerous?

It can be. A horse’s behaviour can be unpredictable and even the most highly trained can sometimes react in an unexpected way.

If I miss or don’t want to ride can I have a refund?

Sadly we take pre payment or a deposit to hold a horse/pony for you to ride and if you don’t go we have lost out on that booking, for this reason we are not able to refund, you can however give your ride to another member of your family/group so they can enjoy the ride, providing there is a horse or pony to fit.