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Voucher Terms and conditions

Published/Edited –  OCTOBER 2019

* All vouchers are non-refundable and carry and expiration date 1 year from purchase.

* If you would like to request an extension on a voucher it may be considered by the owner/manager, if accepted there will be an additional charge of £35.00 and a restriction to weekday only riding will be requested

* Daily Beach riding season is from the 1st of October to the 30th of April.

* Vouchers do not allow you to ride on weekends during evening beach riding season. Evening only beach riding is from 1st of May till the 30th of June.  

* We are unable to ride on the beach during July, August and September.

* When you book a date and time for your ride the voucher will act as your deposit, please remember to bring the voucher on the day of your ride.

* Non-attendance or insufficient cancellation notice (a minimum of 72 hours) will result in the voucher and ride being cancelled without refund.

* Rides continue in all weathers, unless deemed unsafe by staff.

* Beach Rides go out in all weathers however, if the tide is heightened by easterly winds and gusts making it unsafe to ride the beach the decision will be made to divert the ride into the forest for safety’s sake.

* 2-hour rides require a minimum ability level. If the voucher recipient does not meet the required level of ability, the value of the voucher can be used as credit towards a more suitable ride.

* Correct information, particularly in regard to weight, is vital for the safety of the rider and the welfare of the horse.

* Our stables currently have a weight limit of 14 stone / 86kg / 196lbs.

* School holidays and weekends are our busiest time where we book weeks in advance. Please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

* Price increases do not affect vouchers sold as ‘2 Hour Group Ride’.


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