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Forest ridE

Level Required: Intermediate/Experienced. Established and confident in all paces (walk, rising trot and canter) off the lead rein outside the arena. Able to maintain a light seat in canter without hindering your horse. Used to hacking in open spaces on forward going horses and ride regularly.

Minimum age for this ride is 12 years old.

Rempstone Forest provides acres of sheltered pine trees and a network of sandy and grassy tracks that are perfect for nice long canters year round and has great views over Poole Harbour.  The area has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest so keep your eyes open for the wide variety of wildlife from wild ponies and Highland cattle to several species of lizard and snakes!

This ride is for Intermediate and Experienced riders so is great for those who are used to hacking out at all paces.


We have a maximum weight limit of 14 stone / 89kg / 198lbs
We are unable to take more than 4 riders at a time.
Please add the name, age for children under 18 only, height and weight if there are multiple riders.