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1 hour HeathLAND treks

The minimum age for this ride is 3 years old.

Godlingston Heath is situated directly behind the yard giving us direct access to some of the most beautiful lowland heath and stunning views over Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island.

Heathland rides are suitable for all abilities, from those who have never ridden before to experienced riders.  We have 3 different types of Heathland ride to suit the ability of the rider:

Beginner Trek

This ride provides a great tour of the area on horseback at a leisurely walking pace.  Staff will provide basic instruction and join you on foot to assist you throughout your ride.

Parents, you are more than welcome to walk alongside the ride if you’d like, however, the terrain is not suitable for pushchairs. Closed shoes like hiking boots in dry weather and wellington boots in winter recommended.

Walk & Trot Trek

To go on this ride, riders must have learnt, and be fully established in rising trot off the lead rein.  This is a great way to explore the heath for still learning or a little rusty.

Walk, Trot & Canter Trek

Riders must be fully established in rising trot and canter off the lead rein.  A fantastic ride for those who have not had as much experience out hacking, with gentle canters on sandy tracks and some great views.

Some of the best views of the heath sweeping down to the shores of Poole Harbour are from the dramatic Agglestone – a 400 tonne rock sitting alone on a hill as if a giant had dropped it there.

So out of place does it seem that legend suggests it was placed there by supernatural forces. It is said the Devil was sitting on The Needles when he saw Corfe Castle being built. He was so offended by the beautiful white tower of the Norman keep that he threw his cap at it: the missile fell short, however, and became the Agglestone.

Legend aside, the 17-foot rock is thought to be part of a band of ironstone which crosses the heath, also including the nearby and much smaller Puckstone.

Internationally important heathland

As an internationally important example of lowland heath, the area is managed by the National Trust as a designated National Nature Reserve.

A wide range of habitats include sand dunes, peat bog, alder and willow carr and the freshwater lagoon of Little Sea, as well as heathland.

All six species of native British reptile are to be found here, including the rare sand lizard and smooth snake.

The best time for reptile spotting is April and May as they emerge from hibernation and male sand lizards turn bright green to attract a mate.

Vibrant colours

Visit in high summer and you’ll find the heathland clothed in purple heather and yellow gorse while wetter areas are alive with dragonflies.

Wildfowl are the big attraction in winter and birdwatchers are also drawn to Studland and Godlingston Heath as one of the main strongholds of the Dartford warbler.

The distinctive call of the nightjar can sometimes be heard at dusk while little egrets stalk around the water margins and terns flit overhead.


Group Bookings – if you are looking to come as a group to ride, please note that rides will be taken at the pace of the least able rider

We have a maximum weight limit of 14 stone / 89kg / 198lbs
We are unable to take more than 4 riders at a time.
Please add the name, age for children under 18 only, height and weight if there are multiple riders.